Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan end

i was thinking this morning, what's the date today r?? what the freaking fast and its already the last day of Jan'10.oh gosh ,this is fast!!!! the good thing is YAY!!! CNY is coming soon, and everybody busy filling their cny stock in their house, and i'm alone in the house while my parent, bro and sis went TESCO to buy all the stuff too, terutama-Nya, jOLLYsHANDY...HAAHA!! and i haven done with my cny shopping spree yet=( gonna do it soon..gonna be very very busy with all those visiting during cny and i bet it's gonna be lots of fun..cant wait for it already..13 more days to go..yehaa!!

The bad news is, mid year exam is coming, hmm..yea..=(

but for now, lets just forget about it 1st..haha!! CNY!!!!!!! ANG ANG, ANG PAU  $$$$, bakua, cookies, kuek ka pek..YUM YUM^^

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