Sunday, January 31, 2010

smoky BBq in the dark

she's back and just came back from her homecoming was great and fun, laughter everywhere..i was the 3rd earliest to reach there, chia and esther was already there, and yea, i din get lost this time, i still manage to get there with a little help from qiqi (the host) and estheee..=) looks like my sense of direction, still not bad at all, not bad..haha!!! perasan..lolx>< she doesn't change much, just a little plum..but but, not fat, but gain in weight, not external expansion ok?? nvm, we have our losing weight plan, not to worry...haah!!!

and you know what??? this is the 1st and the most memorable bbq i ever attend in my entire life, cause coincidencely her house electricity went off..TNB failure, i we enjoyed our bbq in the dark, accompanied by the 'lovely' heavy rain..LOL!!!..qiqi thought of lighting on the tanglung so that we still can see in the dark,sort of celebrating mooncake festival though, bt we cant =( raining cats and dogs, the wind was too strong, so nvm la...then ellen nad kahyee came after me, then poh and guan. The moment both of them came, the electricity came back on..HOORAY!!!

so we had the normal bbq food as usual + tanghoon + bbq-ed stingray n sotong..haha!!! yum yum!!^^ and we had gossips all around.. then after that we went into the house to see all her video and pics about her life in of the video was her with her host bro's torturing the dog by tie-ing it to a long was really really hilarious, yet pity the dog..and her during nice!!! i wish i could experience that soon=)

then around 11pm, home i went...maybe the next gathering will be on CNY...cant wait for the day to come

too bad, there's no pictures with me, life is hard without a camera, but nvm, shall wait for my friend to upload it^^

and yea, the disadvantage of bbq is ended up getting~~~ SMOKY~~~..haha!!

the guys


izzit apple crumble?? i forgot d la..haah!!!

naughty 2 little brat

bbq-ing with the kids

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