Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY Report 2010

wow!!! is sure it's tired, went CNY Angpau visiting with s4 piggies yesterday and yea, i decided to drive myself instead..can u imagine 11 houses in a day, yea i still manage to count..lolx!!! driving for the whole day(8am-11pm) with a swollen ankle is so so painful and tiring, but no worries, i can still drive=) just felt exhausted...went to pick up tsuqi around 8.40am to met up with otheres to have our breakfast 1st since our visit was planed at around 10am, so when we got there, tsuqi called shyen, they were still sleeping..sigh=( that's left the two of us having the breakfast oursleves, we had the usual roti kosong and milo..haha!!! since we still have extra time, we went "strolling" around EngAnn,Klang...and yea, we forgot the time and we were late for 30 minutes..>< the 1st stop was pei boon's house, then kermin, then ahfan, junchee,..then we had a lunch break at kp's Popeye...the following stop was esther, ellen, pn.wong, raymond, yingying, ping an, and the last and final stop ying shin..sorry i cant really remember the sequence already...and if i miss out someone, my apologies. we had karaoke session at ellen's house too before visiting pn.wong's house.Unfortunately, my house was in the list but we ran out of time plus everybody was exhauted including myself, so we just called of the day..PHEW~~~~~

list of piggies who attend:
1. ahchia
3. engshyen
5.ying ying
19.sueyee an
24.chia nam (s3 guest)

i think thats all gua??? hehe


I went back to Taiping, PeRAK to celebrate my 1st day of CNY, i stayed there for 4 days...enjoy everything, eat, gamble, angpaus, visiting..watched movie with the cousins too-"72 Tenants" i would give 8 out of 10 for this movie, almost all the actor and actresses from TVB Hong Kong acted in was really really hilarious...u can laugh almost from the beginning till the end of the movie..lolx!!! nothing much to say, the photos will tell u all..=)

suppose to go for Dimsum this morning with the cousins, but i'm too tired yesterday so, i'm staying at home..maybe later evening will go for a swim with my friends=)

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