Saturday, February 13, 2010

pili palak pili palakpipla plak

this is insane, fire crackers are craking all over my house area, dont they scared of the cops??? well, who cares??? ITS CHINESE NEW YEAR EVE, LOLX!!! just finish my reunion dinner,and i'm bloated rite now, and i cant sit for like an hour><...CNY is always all about eat eat eat, and the most importantly, ANGPAU!!!! HAAHAH!!!

well, i went shopping with my mum and sis this morning at TimeSquare and u know what, 1st time seeing a mall so empty, and the traffic was damn smooth, i only took 20min to get there, hardly to see kl is free from traffic..lolx!!! the shops were all still close, so we decided to have our breakfast at OldTown, i had a Western Platter and iced white coffee, YUM YUM!!! we shop for like 3 hours and then we left, mom got herself a blouse, sis got herself a tanktop too, as for me, i bought a purse, nail colour-gold ( after all its wohoo new year, lolx), shoes and a blouse..ohman, i'm becoming a shopaholic now>< somebody please stop me from shopping...i think i spent almost one month of my salary for this CNY=(

helped mum to clean the house, and the cooking at the kitchen today, my hands still smells onion><
ohya,  i painted my fingernails, gold in color=)

not that obvious though

okay, i'm running out of words, i guess i'll stop here..will fill u guys in after 3 days...gona start packing, going back to taiping tomorrow early morning, around 6am=( wohoo, gonna get lots of ANGPUA tomorrow...hahha!!!! but i'm so not going to drive tomorrow,NO!!! i wanna sleep in the car..><

till then, here wishing all of you HAPPY WOHOO NEW YEAR & HAPPY VALENTINES...

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