Saturday, March 27, 2010


what on earth had gone into my brain??? i dont think i did well in my chem paper today, which was very frustrated=( everything was just so messed up, just hate myself, URGH!!!!! dont wana talk about it anymore. just so sad....went swimming straight away after exam with hilda, and she's staying over at my place, YAY!! kind of "swam out" all those stress to the pool water, sorry pool water, just cant help it, you are the only way to let me swam out of it, hehe!! went working after that, taught the babies how to make kite, today's class was just enjoyable, talk alot with them in the class, i dont even have the time to take a sip><

mom called at 10pm and she taught i went "pou" again, HELLO!!!! i JUST FINISHED MY WORK HERE???..not just to mad at her or anything, just so upset and frustrated when someone said that you are doing something bad but you are not. sigh!!!!afterall, she's my mum, so yea!!!...

oh yea, EARTH HOUR is to-mo-rrow, YAY!!! save the earth people, turn off your electricity for just 1 hour, just for our future generation sake, and you know what, TNB is planning to sue WWF for organising this Earth Hour campaign, complaining that they will lose a lot of money in this 1 hour time. What the??? hello, u've already earn alot, cant you guys just spare just this one hour time??? BULLSHIT LAR!!! tak tau la whether it's true anot, hahha!!! okay, back to the you guys planning to do tomorrow?? well, as for me, i'll have to meet the doctor at cheras and maybe i got to watch the Twin Towers switching off their lights O:

i'm switching off now, enough for today, so chaozzz!!

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