Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stoo-dy time

yea, its stoo-dy + exam time again, currently having my mid-term, sat for english paper yesterday, kind of run out of point in the essay part, sigh=( what do you expect more for not wirting since 1 and a half year, i hope i wont screw it up though..bo pee bopee bo pee..haha!! having biology paper tomorrow, so yea, hope it goes well. ohyea, stupid-myx line and home landline suck my life up over the past weekend, cant go online at all, though it's a good thing so that i can concentrate on my study. and FINALLY!! i got my line back today, the technician guy came over and fixed it, YAY!! =) so yea, i cant concentrate on my study with my line back, hhmmm=(, i guess i have to hide my lappy away from my sight!

Manu and liverpool played on Sun, and the RED DEVILS won again, all thanks to  Park-ji sung's head, ISH ISH!!!!!! and they are again, at the top of the table..sigh=(

oh weell, i'm gonna take a nap 1st, enough of biology, for temporarily i guess, will continue later after i wake up, hehe=) so chaozz!!!

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