Friday, April 30, 2010

drizzling light

hey again, sorry for not updating my blog, been very lazy lately cause college reopen, and started class on monday, reminds me of the usual hectic lifestyle, final is just one month away, way too fast..the april intake 2010 juniors had just joined, they've been having their oreintation week during my holidays, and their numbers are just stunning, it's all together 114 of them i think, if not mistaken. i know its no big deal for you guys who study in college like Taylors, Inti, Sunway or any other, but to my college is really a lot of students, and the number is still growing i bet, for the next intake! and i dont think we have enough happy and excited to meet all my friends after 3 weeks of seperation, nola, two weeks actually, haha!!!

so tuesday, had class at 2pm, so i went to college around 1pm to meet up with the mates for lunch at Pizza Hut. straight after class around 3.30pm, went swimming with hilda, suzen, and elin at Matshushita Sport Complex, belinda tag along later :) although there's a lil drizzle, but who cares? we'll get wet afterall, ahaaha! i swam around 15 laps i think, man it was tiring..exhausted totally. had dinner at KK then, went I-city after that, YAY!
the rain was still pouring, but when we got there, it stopped for awhile, then came back again. so we continue to take pictures under the rain, haha!! it was fun..we kind of have another swim on the land of I-City. too bad the lightings were not light up complete, only some of it, sigh~~~.too bad belinda cant tag along :( but nevermind, we might make another trip there again, but better not be raining again..pls pls!! the lights was so gorgeous i tell you, you guys should make a trip there yourself. so let the picture bring you there

last but not least- group photo of the day :P


erwinator said...

The trees look very nice :-D

~J'@nn~ said...

gorgeous rite? :)