Friday, April 30, 2010


watch IP Man 2 with (elin & jason lai), (sieyii & xiaosheng), and (suzen & san saney, sry if i spelled it wrongly, hehe) after moral class @ eCurve today..the movie was ok i think im gonna rate 3 out of 5...went back early after the movie, dont wana be light bulb, heh heh! iron man 2 was out today, going to watch it soon, cant wait >< although i never watch the 1st one. i think im gonna watch it before i watch the 2nd at the cinema

btw, we did a forum during moral class today, it was so so so boring, bored till death..lazying around dont know what to do, feel like skipping the class, but in the end still manage to hang in till the end of the class

both movie premiered at the same week, i bet the cinemas will be so so crowded


kenwooi said...

im more excited about iron man 2! =D

~J'@nn~ said...

i havent watch the 1st one yet, so outdated me :(