Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"keep a safe distance or you will kiss my ass"

well, got my car's ass kissed by miss proton wira, OH GREAT! ruined my whole Sunday mood, here's the story, had brunch with sis and her friends at Old Town, Taipan..then later got to send them to pyramid, since there's 2 more hours before picking up hilda at the ktm station, i decided to lepak with the sis and her friends at pyramid. The sis suggested to park my car at the parking lot near to the shop houses since i'm only gonna spend less then one hour there to safe up the parking ticket. While i was waiting for a car for the parking, out of the sudden BAM!! from the back..automatically, each and everyone of us in the car said "WALAU WEY" at the same time, haha!! this is what we chinese malaysian says when something extremely bad happen, lol!

so i did what normally ppl did, acted with an upset and mad expression on ma face, for your information, it's a malay lady, kind of modern, somemore wearing ManU jersey, urgh! so had a little kind of peaceful conversation, yea..im not trying to be rude or anything, just yea...i called my mom to ask how much does she have to pay, so it's RM 300, yea...so she said i have only rm200 with me, if you insist, you can follow me to my shop if you want, so i followed, yea, without thinking how dangerous it is to follow a stranger alone, yikes><  you can call me a dumbo if you want, sigh~~she owns a phone shop btw, luckily nth bad happen, she took a roll of money from the desk and passed it to me, then i went off..so settle..fast huh? lolx! this is what happen to her car and mine, taken by sis's friend: mine was just a lil scratch of paint and a lil bumper losen and her was like, well have a look at the pic..

her car, never ever buy proton car, yea


so texted hilda after that and went to pick her up, it was still early before going to sieyii's place to finish up our physics practical and moral assignment. we got around 1 hour spare, so what we did, drove to sieyii's and waited there in the car, seriously we have no place to go but to sit in the car, aih~~~then later suzen texted to picked her up at paramount ktm station, and we did, waited again for around 5mins,  finally sieyii' is back from lunch with her aunt..so we did what we suppose to finish, then played Wii for awhile and had dinner with her family, we had seafood, YUM YUM! and karaoke too, too bad the songs were all oldies :( nyway, enjoyed the dinner was so bloated that night ><....so went back to play Wii again, i tell you, Wii is really a good tool as well as a game to exercise, sweat a lot that night, great workout, hahaa!! you guys out there who wish to put down weight could consider of buying one., yea! no regrets..one more thing, stretch a lil before you play, cz im having muscle pain rite now, and i cant barely move both of my arm :(

so went home around 10pm, got mumble again from the mum. oh well used to it already..well, better hit the bed now, so tired after swimming for 10 laps today, exhausted and sleepy...Goodie NIght!!

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Anonymous said...

Haha...u hated Man u that much??!! come on...