Sunday, May 9, 2010

bloated feeling

hey guys! what to have for lunch on a lovely FRIDAY? well, lets try TGI Fridays shall we? went to OU's with hilda yesterday after attending moral class to pay up her broadband bill. we were wondering around whether what to eat for lunch, so finally we tried out @ TGI Fridays :) CAUTION!!! dont ever ever go there alone or two, i bet you cant finish it all alone, the portion was way too humongous i tell you, unless you are a great eater, we sat there for like one hour and a half and yet we cant finish it, so we tapau some of it as for supper later night, lolx! and yea it's a good way to pass time too, HAHAS!

the menu

it's like having lunch in a train

nice retro decorations


my appetizer : boneless wings with celery stick
 (kind of sour though)

tam chiak hilda

hilda's fried mac and cheese double 
(pss! she can only finish one, haha!)

her fish & chip

Adobo Chicken with Yucky disgusting green sauce, ewww~~

dessert of the day :)
the unable finish food ><

haha! tall short and all kinds

and another

should have this instead :(


kenwooi said...

crispy and yummy! =D

iLLusion said...

you should go to the chocolate one, trust me, is AWESOME~

~J'@nn~ said...

really? im so gonna try it >< craving for it already