Sunday, May 9, 2010

lets get steamed!

steamboat for everyone, waited for tsuqi to pick me up around 7pm yesterday to attend our so call s4 piggies gathering at Ori Crab Steamboat , Klang. kahyee was in the car already, so we were kind of late for like one hour but not the last one when we reached there. almost everybody was there already and there were only 6 girls attended, sad huh? most of them cant make it, miss them much ;( had lots of gossips throughout the night, had fun. i guess it would be hard for us to gather again next year cause most of them are going overseas to study, sad~~so keep in touch ya to all piggies, so here's the
Piggies attendance list :
1. chia
2. shyen
3. ah guan
4. yongsheng
5. chinyung
6. poh
7. tershen
8. esther
9. qiqi
10. kahyee
11. yingshin
12. kenny
13. ah miao
14. ahfan
15. ying shin
16. jilllinn
18. ween keet
19. zhong yong
20.jun chee
21. seehooi
22. raymond
23. weyshyan
24. ping an

still not bad to have 24 of us attended :)

on the way to Ori Crab Steamboat

dig dig dig in

the late comers 

the duo luo, ignored table, haah nola ;p


me & estee

lets Lou Sang

dig in people, yum yum :)

enjoying the egg

talking to who ar?? haha
(was pohreen act, keke)

me & shyen koko

of course, pic of the night :)

last but not least, Group Photo <3

there's more in my FB photo album, feel free to click in here


kenwooi said...

lol you call everyone piggy? =P

~J'@nn~ said...

ahaha, yea back to form 5 days, the whole class got "piggy" in front of their names :)

SpiRiT3d TeeN said...

hahaha.. that was a night to remember and you are right! I think we shall hardly gather again.. with everyone busy with their own life now a days. The good old days shall never be the same again once we moved forwards with different path of your own.
S4 piggies, shall miss ya all. The golden memories will always be with us. :)

jann: sorry that we picked you up late. to be honest now, we do tell you lie. when u 1st called, me n yee was still in my hse doing sth.. haha.. we lie that we were on our way. hehe :)

~J'@nn~ said...

ooo, finally you confess la, nah, its ok..hahah!! what you guys doing btw ar??? ahhahahahah!!!!