Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot sulphur Spring

HOT SPRINGS OF BANJAR, ohya, still in day 3... the water is of volcanic origin and has a temperature of 37°...

well, there is a parking lot at the entrance for cars. Further along there is a parking lot for motor cycles. The entrance fee is very cheap. The road continues from the entrance passing a number of shops. The entrance to the springs is along a small bridge which spans the narrow river. There are three pools where hot water pours from statues (looks like a lion head).

There are mainly locals using the pool. They are very friendly. The area is steamy and lush with tropical vegetation. The restaurant was closed when we were there. There are change rooms, showers (with a dim bulb but no water inside), but there's a water pipe outside, so you have to shower in public before you change your clothes, but of course with clothes on lar, haha!! and lockers too. The paths are very slippery, cause it is covered by a thin layer of sulphur and mosses, so yea.....must becareful

so overall, the water smells like a lil salty, and a lil sour...weird huh? but it really smells like that ( or you can say, smells like pee, haha!! )

Best points: hot springs, pretty, friendly locals

Worse points: slippery + pee smell

the one on the left is 1.0m..the hottest one while the one on the right is 1.5-2.0m, a bit cooler

spot me?

the orange-orange thingy is the sulphur

next stop, we payed a visit to Lake Tamblingan (the small one) and Lake Buyan (the bigger one)..we stop the car at the top of Pancasari Hill to have the whole view of both of the lake, its SPECTACULAR!

Lake Buyan

Lake Tamblingan
Later, off to Ulundanu Temple of Bedugul which is ploated on the Beratan lake with the background of the mountain

See the gate?? When the ritual ceremony or temple
festival falls, a simple bamboo bridge will be built towards the gate to
connect the temple with the main complex upon the ceremony time.

enough for now, more to come..stay tune, bear with me, haha!!


TOLANIC said...

I was wondering how do they pee inside the pool. No pain isn't it?

Hilda Milda said...

I wonder how you taste the water? too tamjiak issit? HAHA jkjk

~J'@nn~ said...

haiya, hilda do you know that there one of the sensory organ that we can use to smell? not necessray to use the mouth and taste de ma, hahaah!!!

kla, back to the point, you dont really taste it la, you can smell from far how bad it is..aiyerr....but then when rendam in the pool quite ok d la..

Glo-w~* said...

ah, i like to rendam^^ shall go there nxt time^^