Friday, June 25, 2010

Sort of FEDEX on duty

went to college yesterday to hand in the psychology and medical physics assignment yesterday and ask about my chem and bio marks, so met up with hilda, belinda and kenneth at the usual place, Alimaju for brunch and i was late, heh heh! sry guys, is like that one lar went up to the library after that, did some finishing on the assignment and waited for elin to come but still the number of my group remain unknown because someone responsible forgot our group number and not willing to help us out, and still blame us that we should hand in on wed since she waited at school for us. HELLO! how the hell we know you waited there on wed la, and you didnt even tell us that we need to pass up on wed, still blame us pulak, and u know what she didnt even want to help us to hand in to JUC campus since she's staying at the hostel there because our lecturer's office is at JUC, so we passed it to vicky's bro.....

hilda cut her leg while waiting at the office..HELP!!
haha, jk la..just a splash of red paint, looks very real huh?

ohya, we went to see our IT Lecturer, Mr. Feroz about our IT marks too, after settle everything, it's meatball session @ Ikea, YAY!!! i've been craving for it since exam, hahaha!! went there with hilda, elin and belinda..


i had my blueberry muffin too :D

saw this kiddo in the lift, he's shy
after eating, off to work..where? palm spring of course, hahaah!!! time for the FEDEX to work, this fedex offer delivery and moving out houses service, good leh, anyone wanna hire? hilda and elin are moving out from their hostel at palm spring, so i helped out...:)

i saw half of me on the way there, haah!!
so i started by rolling hilda's clothes, and you know what, it was 1 whole of a stack of clothes, you are so not gonna help her if you see her clothes, and it was only half of her clothes, half of it were already at her sis place, and her shoes, how many pairs were them again? erm 14 pairs of them, and yea, there's still at her sis place. 1 year already so many stuff, i cant really imagine how many stuff she could have in 4 years of degree later..luckily my car is enough to fit in all her stuff, if 4 years ar? you call lorry la har...haha!! go sell some of them or donate some of it lar AND, STOP SHOPPING ANYMORE!! XX  but not completely la, at least shop less bit lar...aiyoyo!

hilda's stuff on the left

elin;s stuff

rolled half-way, half to go

more here

her shoes

ha, tekan lagi

then helped elin to move some stuff to her car, her's was lot more easier, aiya..too bad i never take a picture of my boot..finish moving all the stuff around 6.30pm, then send hilda to Aeon Bukit Tinggi to meet up with her sis and had dinner with them, thx for the dinner ;)....then later drove to her sis condo at Bayu Perdana to drop off her stuff.

klang sunset, pretty


Hilda Milda said...

Thanks so much for the help :D

~J'@nn~ said...

haha, welcome :D

elin said...

Thanks again leng leng~~~muackz

~J'@nn~ said...

haha, welcome again, leng leng :D