Wednesday, June 30, 2010

old friends are like gold, they still shine although they are old.

had movie session with my long old friends sheryl, hueyhsien, yunnchee and maypin aka penguinn on monday, but 2 were missing, anna (she's at the US) while shiying (she's at the aussie), too bad, wish you both were there. Picked up hueyhsien at her house at Berkeley, then later met with the others @ jUSCO Bukit Raja, Klang. Bought the 8pm show, waited for sheryl and penguinn to come but they were late. So we left 2 tickets at the counter and we went in first. They were late for like 30 mins, and both of them were like full with question marks wondering why the movie will go like that, haha!! so overall the movie was funny, plus a lilttle action, shooting, i think i'll rate it 6 out of 10.

then later had a chill @ Mcd..had a blast with all the gossips, laughter all over. time always flies when it comes to the good moments, unfortunately it's almost time for us to chao already :( looking forward for the next gossips session, haha!
sheryl and yunnchee

me and hueyhsien

spot checking sheryl's makeup gadget, haha!!

the four of us :D

yunchee dapau Mcd for her siblings, while sheryl showing off her Cotton On plastic bag, lolx

penguinn and sheryl

what happen to the 3 of you?? 3 different expressions

yunnchee had her new wig! haah!!


kenwooi said...

it's always fun to hang out with old friends =)

SuFang (Careen) said...

u gals had lotsa fun thr!