Thursday, February 17, 2011

No more P

Hello, i 'm back. 2 years is over and i got my permanent license like finally. I always thought that i have to retake my driving test again in order to change to permanent one cause there's rumours said that those who take their driving test or renewing their P Lisence this year must retake again, but luckily i don't have too.

Sorry for not updating that often recently cause i've been busy with assignments and dance practices and rehearsals for MUCCLS 2011 Promenade Night tomorrow. Omg can't believe the day is finally here, with almost less than a week of practices, hopefully all's well ends well tomorrow night, hope that i don't forgot my dance steps and stuff.

Till then, goodie nights. Oh, before that HappY Chap Goh Mei everyone


HenRy LeE ® said...

congratulation! lets celebration! haha... happy driving! :)

SpiRiT3d TeeN said...

hhaha.. I drop mine 3mths ago..:)