Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MUCCLS Promenade Night

Attended a so-called Promenade Night organized by Mahsa University College Chinese Society (MUCCLS) last Friday night. The first ever event thrown up by the society, it was kind of a successful event though, well done! Didn't get to eat much maybe because I'm too nervous about the performance later that night.

the girls, Belinda, Elin, Hilda and I

opening of the event-Drum Team

Hair done by Belinda and Elin <3

 Elin & Belinda

Lynn Teng (Emcee of the night) & Hilda
Kenneth (emcee of the night) & Hilda
Christy, Kew, Joey & Hajar


Had second round supper after that at Asia Cafe with Belinda and Elin since I didn't get to eat much during the prom, too bad Hilda can't join us. Elin came overnight at my house after supper cause nobody fetch her home.
Backalley towards Asia Cafe

Prom King of the night: Kenneth
Prom Queen of the night: Christy

Congrats to both!!

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Hilda Milda™ said...

Looking at those pictures reminds me of the weight I srsly need to lose T_T