Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are you Candylicious enough?

I'm always that excited when I receive any packages, i guess curiosity is my thing? Ordered this last Friday with Hilda and finally it's here. It's suppose to be here yesterday due to some stock numbering problem, but never mind it's here now, can't wait to wear it next week. It all look so pretty.
arrived safe and sound all the way from N. Sembilan
the packaging look so secure and solid
took me some time to unwrap it, haha!
Total 4 pairs (RM25 per pair): Grey, Blue, Pink, Brown
I ordered the grey and the blue, while the pink and the brown are Hilda's
I wonder IF sheepbit can wear one of these, LOL
Candy Lace Grey & Candy Magic Aqua
Candy Swirl Pink & Candy Sweety Brown

If anyone is interested, do drop by their FB Page, My Lens House or visit their blog, House of Accessories
owned by a girl name Jacq :)


Hilda Milda™ said...

omgggg so pretty! can't wait to wear them alreadyyyyyyy :D

bendan said...

Wow... candylicious enuff! Hahaha... Joeanney wearing lens also?? ^u^

I hope to buy these but not allowed. Sad!!

* tracey gal * said...

Pweeety lenses! :)
Too bad my eyes can't get use to it :(

Isaac Tan said...

looks really good and unique. Are you wearing those now?? When can let me see? Lol!