Monday, June 20, 2011

David Choi Live in KL

*DRUM ROLLS* Bringing you, your YouTube Sensation, David Choi Live @ Bentley Auditorium last night. He had his first night show at UCSI Recital Hall the day before yesterday though. Reached there around 5pm together with Tsuqi, Ellen, and Shiau Haln. Since it's still early, we strolled around the Curve and the Street market to get Hilda's heart-shape sunnies. Met up with Sufen later and headed to Subway to have our dinner before David Choi's.

So here it is, Bentley Music Auditorium
Spotted these when we were on our way to Bentley
There's one with leopard skin sit, Coollll..
Backdrop at the entrance

The crowd, the girl standing kinda looks like Esther, don't she?

We were like questioning each other that are we suitable or should i say eligible to come to this concert? Hahaha. We can see most of the crowd was like highschoolers or younger?? I guess we were the oldest among the crowd, feel so old. Anyone can join rite? as long as it's about good music and i came for good music. We were suppose to get in around 6pm but we waited and waited until 7pm, and finally the door open.

People bringing banners and stuff
Some even brought balloon, with David Choi's face drawn, awwww..
Don't push people, don't push
Ellen and Meiling, she joined us later at the entrance
Meet Shiau Haln, Sufen and Tsuqi (from the left)
The Stage
The Auditorium

Me, Ellen and Meiling

The show started 7.30pm sharp with HunnyMadu, our local radio deejay opening the show, mc-ed by the Flyfm crew.
what we've been waiting for after waiting for so long at the entrance,
oops, over expose, my bad
Him reading our tweets to him one by one, people was like shouting once he mention one of the names, haha!! and people was like shouting *wwoooooooo* once he drink his tea or water. I think the crowd kept woooooo-ing on almost everything he did on the stage and he kept saying *Terima Kasih* once he ended each of his song and he finally get it right., Bravoo.

Enough of Pictures, now videos.

He sang Rocketeer and the crowd went High.

That Girl

Won't Even Start

 He made us do the HUMAN TSUNAMI, video taken from the back

He said we are awesome super sexy durian kimchi smiley face bootilicous toot toot jackhammer.
You can also check out the human tsunami from the front, tweeted by DC on the spot last night!!!

Some extra for you guys, An Exclusive interview with Jin and Ryan

The entire show was just full of laughter with his jokes and all, really hilarious and I really did enjoy it. He ended the show with his famous songs, That Girl, Won't Even Start and By My Side <3<3. He really did pull it off. He played all his songs with just a guitar, awesome huh?  His live singing is really really good and i bet if you were there, you will like him even more, I'm really glad that i went, worth watching and listen to. Looking forward for your next visit, hope to see you soon. And of course thanks Ellen for the ticket.


Hilda Milda™ said...

After I saw the interview, I think he's kinda cute (: Awwwww *melts*

♥snoopy♥ said...

yerrr..din know he was here! >.< love his music!

Voon said...

He's awesome! :D

peacemusicbabe said...

AWW! I missed his show! damn it D: teehee.

ken said...

his songs are emotional yet nice :)

Vic said...

DChoiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! lol...cant believe I miss it.


Anonymous said...

I don't like that Ryan guy, why is he always wearing checkered shirt.. and he's noisy...

wilson wong said...

glad y'all had fun at the concert :)

Mabel Low said...

Aaaahhhh!!! I wasn't there. T-T
Really wanted to go, but then i just couldn't make it on those dates. ):