Tuesday, May 22, 2012

David Choi Forever and Ever Asia Pacific Tour Live in KL 2012

Has over 940, 600 subscribers108,640,452 total video viewsmore than 13 million channel views, YouTube’s 15th most subscribed musician on November 2011 and 62nd most subscribed user, bringing you your one and only Youtube sensation, David Choi Forever and Ever Asia Pacific Tour Live in KL at the Bentley Auditorium last Sunday and this time, he brought his band along too, awesome! It was his second visit to Malaysia and he claimed that he misses Roti Kaya very much and he had tons of it on Sunday morning itself. 

So It was my second time too, to attend his showcase all thanks to my secondary school classmate, Poh who was lucky enough to win tickets from AirAsia by tweeting one AirAsia destination that @davidchoimusic should fly to & why and the 5 creative tweets gets a pair of tix to his KL showcase. 

So, Jenn, a Malaysian singer and songwriter on YouTube ( Facebook page: SoImJenn or YouTube: jennchiayy ) opening the show for that night and Jinny boy from Hitz.fm was the host and he was so hilarious

Her and her band playing and singing her last song, I'm not A Metal Head..kinda cute though

Without further ado, let's bring out the man.....


DC came on stage and launched his first song, UNDERNEATH YOUR LOVE with his band

Is it me or the crowd just gone lesser compared to last year. I was shocked to see almost half of the seats in the hall was empty especially the VIP seats. He was kind enough to ask us to move up if we want to fill up those empty seats, awww! This year was kind of a disappointing for me cause the show ended quite early and he doesn't really interact with the audience compared to last year, no offence but yea. Probably because he have a Meet & Greet Session with the fans, BUT STILL! HE ROCKS!!

To be honest, DC is one of those artistes who really does sound better live. Chill chill, I'm not saying that his studio recording is bad or anything, but yea he just sounds really, really great in live singing, same thing I blogged about his first tour in KL last year, here's the link. Watching him perform was indeed amazing and together with his band this year, the background music and the beat was simply tremendous! 

I've edited a video on what's happening throughout the show, hope you enjoy watching :)

The songs he played that night:

  • Underneath Your Love
  • This and That is Life
  • Missing Piece
  • Won't Even Start
  • When You're Single
  • Can't Take This Away
  • That Girl
  • Lucky Guy
  • You Were My Friend
  • Rollercoaster (acoustic)
  • By My Side (acoustic)-the last song for the night

The audience requested for an encore and there he was, out on stage again for his last last song for the night
  • What a Wonderful World (acoustic)

The show ended around 9pm and I decided to have a walk around IKEA since it's still early and I've no where to go. I managed to grab myself a RM1 recycle bag which means I got a free parking automatically, haha! Since I haven't had my dinner, I decided to grab myself some curry puff and hotdog too before meeting Elin at Snowflake. So there goes my Sunday night.

 and ohh, before I end this post, here's the Official Music Video of "Missing Piece" by David Choi
the first music video from his latest album Forever and Ever 


Hilda Milda™ said...

I feel like a boat without a sailor, I go where the wind blows *mimics DC with a mic in my hand* I loveeee that song!

Hilda Milda™ said...

After watching the videos: I'm totally swooned~ I hope I get to see him sing live one day :D

Henry Tan said...

awww i like the way he sing "what a wonderful world", got feel!!! =DDD

Xue Ren said...

wow! he seems so talented weyy! :D

George Lim said...

Oh gosh, I missed his concert! Sigh...

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