Sunday, July 21, 2013

A night walk in the city of Bangkok

After a long and tiring day outside, we first return to our hotel for a quick shower. We were so sticky and sweaty until we couldn't stand it, hence it's the best choice before heading out for dinner. We were so tired to walk so dad asked the receptionist whether he knows any place nearby for us to eat or something? The receptionist was kind enough to direct us to a 10 minute walk street called Rangnam Road which is the same road as the King Power Duty Free mall. We were told that there's a lot of street stalls along the road and indeed it is and we finally came to a restaurant which serve Thai Cuisine as you can see in the picture below and yes!, the name of the restaurant is in Thai and definitely I can't read Thai, so yea. As long as it serve good food and most importantly, it's cheap! 

As I had mentioned earlier, we ended up so tired each and every day hence we usually settle our dinner here 4 nights in a row. Yea you heard me, no kidding, cause the food here is really nice and cheap, even the lady owner of this restaurant could recognize us. She's really nice and she gave the best service. I know most of you must be thinking why not try other stuff, I know but we were just too tired, HEH! After all it taste like home cook food, so I wouldn't mind eating every night. It cost us total 600baht for five dishes with fish, just nice for the five of us.

Sweet and sour dish
This is really nice, super love this, recommended by the lady :)

Must eat, Omelet! 
Tom yam soup seafood, had this 4 nights in a row, haha! 
                                                                                                               Normal drinking water                                            Oishi Green Tea and Ice Tea                     
Chicken with cashew nut

Some details on the bottles
Guess what's up there? It's actually their kitchen. Special enough, haha!

After dinner, we had a walk around and tried some of the local delicacies from the street stall.

That's Ratchaprarop SA City Line station in front
This is the famous King Power, the famous king of duty free. China man loves it here.

Tell you what, they come in buses, hak sei yan!
Besides, we had desserts too. This was very random. It happened when we were about to head back to our hotel, dad wanted to buy some fruits to eat across the road, so we waited for him and we spotted this dessert shop. This little cafe here is call Bann Nom. It's basically a cafe selling blended ice with milk and some toast bread. It's a must try if you happen to come to Rangnam Road. It's really really good. It's opening hours is from Monday-Saturday (5.30pm - 11.00pm).

Blended milk serve with soft bread (37 baht).
Mini honey toast (49 Baht).
Blended pink milk serve with crispy bread (42 baht).

I personally prefer the one with soft bread, I think the crispy one is tad a little hard, yes it's crunchy and crispy but hard. They do serve many more like Honey toast (top right), butter toast with condensed milk and chocolate powder (second row right), toast with pandan custard (second row left), butter toast with chocolate or condensed milk (third row) and also steam bread with pandan custard (bottom right). Definitely worth trying! Thumbs up. If this were to be open in Malaysia, I think it would be as famous and welcomed as snowflake and chatime here.

So that's basically how I spent most of my nights in Bangkok. 

Till then.


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