Friday, January 14, 2011

Desert in the middle of the sea

So, back to my Taiwan trip. Where are we going this time? Yehliu (野柳), Wanli, Taiwan county it is which is at the northern part between Taipei and Keelung. It was a hot and sunny day that day, i remembered. The locals said that wind erosion gives its coast geological teaching materials and makes it a paradise of peculiar stones: wind-eroded rocks, wind-eroded ditches, wind-eroded cliffs, wind-eroded holes, and narrow capes.

It's like a golden wide picture, a sandy gold coast. There are surprises everywhere here, that is why i called it "Desert in the middle of the sea". Its' gorgeous sea view extends from the edge of cape, while on the coast there are rocks of peculiar shapes: mushroom, to-fu, elephant’s nose, fairy’s shoes, and queen’s head. The rocks look so amazing that you may wonder whether they are truly natural or man-made, haha!

And it was so hot until we don't even feel the cool breeze. All the bizarre landscape and lava formation reminds me of Mars. Am so excited about this post, all the pictures are so fascinating, don't know which one to upload..

seawater-eroded holes- Pebbles and rocks brought in by the waves cut into the soft limestone rock and nestle deeper and deeper to form these lovely little puddles. Seaweed, fish, crabs and other small insects make their homes here.

tortoise head
Map of Taiwan

Pedestrian bridge

Mushroom Rocks

Front view
The Queen's Head Rock is the park's most famous attraction.-Back View

Tea Table


If you're looking for an interesting day trip in Taiwan, this is the place that you never want to miss it. At $50NT (RM5) per person, you can spend the entire day wandering along the paths of this gorgeous stretch of mountain and time-eroded rock. The wild-looking landscape leaves little to the imagination. It's easy to imagine what life could be like on another planet.

Things You Need To Know:

Hours of Operation: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Admission: $ 50NT

All these rocks are totally not craved by any man, they're natural...


meichi said...

nice trip..went taiwan te othr day but did not manage to visit here..

check my post on taiwan as well...thks..


wow....nice photos!!

PrisCielLa said...

Nice :D

Your Humble Servant said...

the rocks are not carved eh?

Melvin said...

Nice pictures!I envy you : )

Euniceee said...

wow...i never know there's such place in Taiwan...thx for sharing so many pictures~=P

bendan said...

Wow, great photos!! I don't know there's a place like that can be visit, awesome rocks dont u think so??

Anyway, you brother looks yeng wo!! Hahaha.. JK!! XD

Hilda Milda™ said...

It seems that this is a must go for everyone who go to Taiwan :P

Sherry Degarmo said...

nice view! :)

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Wow , nice nice ! =D I want to go Taiwan also. =D