Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Double Celebration

On the very day of 2nd February 2011, I wanna wish my lovely mum a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and also Happy Chinese New Year Eve to everyone. You've been such a great mum to me and also each and everyone in the family. You are the one that care so much about us in the house, taking good care of us. I know you've been working hard out there and getting a lot of pressure at work. I knew it cause you've always tried to let it all out on me, talk to me when I'm back home. Just hang on there, I'm sure what you've done to us, work hard for us will be paid off. I luv you mummy, Happy Birthday, MUACKS!!!

till then Happy Chinese New Year Eve to everyone, It's gonna be a long day tomorrow, goodie nights!


Hilda Milda™ said...

Happy Birthday, Aunty! Btw, you have typo in the first sentence. Should be my mother, you wrote by mother :P

llen said...

psst psst...isn't it 2nd of February?? :P

Elin said...

I know I'm late but happy belated birthday, aunty! :) Happy chinese new year joe joe <3